Empowering Engineers

A UX that's above and beyond

Focus on your app, not infrastructure

Scale as quickly as you innovate

Enterprise security and compliance

From startups to enterprises, Akkeris run critical services - everyday.

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A toolbet for modern applications

akkeris enables development and deployment of 12-factor apps quickly and seemlessly.

A platform for programmers

Invest in your code, not your infrastructure. Akkeris manages the boring bit — provisioning, infrastructure, compliance, security, monitoring, build systems, failovers, and more — so you, the programmer can stay focused on building great programs.

Simple resource provisioning

Spend your time on what matters. Akkeris has dozens of third-party add-ons, supports standard docker deployments, and has an eco system of plugins, and one-click deployments to immediately take advantage of others knowledge and pre-built applications and development support tooling.

Akkeris UI Screenshot
CLI Screenshot
Fully capable CLI and site for managing apps
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Integrates with HashiCorp© Vault

Store your secrets in HashiCorp's open source tool vault, and add them as environment varibles in apps as addons.

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Run on-top of world class orchastration.

Akkeris runs on-top Kubernetes by provided an easy to use, secure layer for engineers and operations to use. It also supports a variety of CNCF projects and best-of-breed load balancers such as BigIP© F5 and Istio.

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Variety of addons New

Built-in broker/addon support for popular services such as Twilio©, Postgres, MySQL Aurora RDS, RabbitMQ, Papertrail© and many more.

$ aka promote -a events-dev-us
      Promoting app ⬢ events-dev-us ...  

       = events pipeline (dev -> stage)

      Promoted: ⬢ events-dev-us (Release: v2)
            To: ⬢ events-qa-us 
                ⬢ events-stg-us 
                ⬢ events-stg-uk 
                ⬢ events-stg-au 
                ⬢ events-stg-jp

Support for your workflow

Build once, deploy everywhere. Your app can be built and deployed in a variety of workflows, don't change your process for any platform.

Build directly from Github

Akkeris supports building automatically on commits into a branch on Github.

Pipeline Support New

Place apps into pipelines, even multiple apps in multiple regions. Promote build images from one to hundreds or thousands of apps.

Directly from docker

Already have a comprehensive build system? Submit docker images directly to Akkeris.

Webhooks and Notifications

Integrate into various workflows with web hooks, be notified when an application builds, releases is promoted or restarted.

Completely open source & hackable

Own your code, control your destiny, determine your functionality

Free, open, simple

Akkeris is an entirely open source management layer on-top of existing Cloud Native projects that protects you from vendor lock-in and simplifies the engineering experience. It uses a modern technology stack with sensible components and abstractions. Akkeris is extensible through plugins and additional third-party custom addons and webhooks.

Extending akkeris

Powerful tooling New

Batteries included. Everything from a first-class JSON api, a corporate LDAP to oauth2/open id provider, a complete pluggable CLI system built on top of nodejs and a addon component system to deploy new resources and services.

Learn more about Akkeris CLI

$ ak certs:create akkeris akkeris.io -s docs.akkeris.io -s www.akkeris.io
Name:   akkeris
Domain (CN):  akkeris.io
Alts (SAN): docs.akkeris.io, www.akkeris.io
Region: us-seattle
Type:   multi_domain
Duration: 3-year
Create TLS certificate? (N/y) y

$ ak sites:create www.akkeris.io
$ ak routes:create -s www.akkeris.io -a website-akkeris / /

Simple, powerful website management.

Create websites with a single command. Order and install DigiCert TLS multi-domain, sslplus, ev or wildcard TLS certificates all from one CLI. Route traffic on a portion of the website back to a specific application. All automatically. All securely.

See full sites, certs and routes documentation